Our high school ministry focuses on community and discipleship. Through engaging events and activities, we want teens to experience primarily a loving environment coupled with deep and meaningful formation in the Catholic faith via an engaging process of discipleship. All freshmen-seniors are welcome to attend. Here is a sampling of what we do (for up to date information follow our calendar on the home page):


Magnify (Every Sunday, 6:15-8:30PM) – Meeting every Sunday, this is the bread and butter of what we do in youth ministry. The purpose of these nights is to have fun and build up community, all while growing faith through discipleship in challenging talks, prayer, and dedicated and intentional discipleship groups that meet every week during this time. Some nights are geared strictly towards celebration (like the great All Saints Day queso party) while others focus more on current issues of the Catholic faith or a certain faith topic. More information on nights and a schedule of nights for the Fall semester is available on the homepage. Please contact the youth minister about getting involved with a discipleship group.


Irenaeus Bible Study (Every Wednesday, 7-8:30PM in youth room) - All HS welcome. Come join us in the youth room as we go over and pray with this Sunday's Mass readings and spend some time in adoration.


Awaken (Every 1st Wednesday, 7-8:30PM in church) - Join us for our monthly offering of Eucharistic adoration, lively praise and worship, confession, and a homily from one of our priests or deacons. Anyone of any age is welcome!


Steubenville Conference (July 13-15) – Once a year weekend conference. Teens are invited to join 3,000 other teens at Missouri State University for a weekend of engaging talks, lively music, good prayer, and Catholic community. This weekend is a great chance to grow more in your faith and is incredibly popular amongst the teens of ICD. Sign-ups available in February. All current 8th graders and HS welcome!
      Download the registration form here: www.icdparish.org/Portals/icd-mo/CMAdmin/Steubenville%20Reservation%20Form%202018.pdf


Project Life (June 10-15) – Weeklong service retreat offered through the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Great opportunity to come to know Christ through service to the poor and needy of the St. Louis community. Sign-ups available in March.


LTLC (June – Invite Only due to limited spots) – Leadership retreat for incoming juniors and seniors offered the last week of June. Fantastic opportunity to take ownership of the faith and learn more about how to live out the Catholic faith at home, in school, or among friends.


Pro-Life Pilgrimage (January) – 5-day-long pilgrimage to Washington, DC to March on the Supreme Court for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Come out and witness to the sanctity and dignity of every human life on this life-changing pilgrimage. Cost is $250. Sign-ups available in September.