Middle school ministry, also known as EDGE, is at the service of offering middle schoolers a chance to feel a part of the Church community. We seek to do this in an engaging way by offering fun communal nights that focus on a brief teaching and discussion on a certain faith topic. This is open to all middle schoolers, 6-8th grade. For up to date info, please refer to our calendar.


For 6th, 7th & 8th Graders:

These sessions offer middle schoolers a chance to learn about their Catholic faith in a fun and relatable way and grow in the Church community, being first engaged with a plethora of food, activities, and social time before moving into a brief teaching and small group discussion. 





For 8th Graders:

DMJ (Every Friday, 7:20-7:40AM) – Donuts, Milk, and Jesus…you couldn’t ask for any better way to start your Friday morning. Offering for 8th graders in ICD school cafeteria. Free donuts and milk offered. Brief prayer to end time together and start day off right.  All ICD Day School 8th graders welcome.


Pro-Life Pilgrimage (January) – 5-day-long pilgrimage to Washington, DC to March on the Supreme Court for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Come out and witness to the sanctity and dignity of every human life on this life-changing pilgrimage. Cost is $TBD. Sign-ups available in September.  All ICD Parish 8th graders welcome.


LUKE18 Retreat (Spring) – Weekend Confirmation retreat offered to 8th graders who are to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Weekend features talks, small groups, games, and other ways for 8th graders to grow in faith and in understanding of the Sacrament they are to receive. Sign-ups available in January. All ICD Parish 8th graders welcome.